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Help / FAQ

Fees & Auction Process

How are shipping costs calculated?
Shipping fees are calculated based on the delivery address entered on your profile and take account of the distance between the winery and your delivery address.
You may choose a different shipping address when completing the purchase. The shipping fees will then be recalculated based on the last address on record.
The shipping fees, together with the services fees, will be added to your order total.
Does Vinumae interfere in the auction?
SAS VINUMAE is an auction company, that is to say, an intermediary platform connecting wine buyers and sellers. At the end of the auction countdown time, it submits the three highest bids to the seller so that he can make his choice, but it does not interfere in the auction process.
What does the service fee cover?
Vinumae is a platform for connecting wine buyers and sellers. As such, its service fee covers the hosting and maintenance of the website, the upload of auction lots, the marketing and administrative costs, as well as the insurance for the wines while in transit.
I am the highest bidder, but the winemaker does not want to sell me the lot.
Vinumae connects winemakers and bidders worldwide. However, not being a public auctions house, it cannot interfere in the auction.
The winemaker reserves the right to choose the bidder he wants among the three highest bids. He has no obligation to sell the lot to the highest bidder.
Can I make a direct offer on a lot to close the auction earlier?
Once the auction is launched, it cannot be closed by Vinumae. We can remove a lot if the winemaker informs us of an incident with the bottle. But in no way can a direct offer on a lot close the auction earlier.

Delivery & Insurance

Can I choose a single shipment for different lots won?
All sales are a direct agreement between the buyer and the estate, so only wine lots bought from the same estate during the same auction can be combined for a single shipment.
If you buy bottles from different estates, they will be sent in different shipments.
Can I choose a different delivery method than the ones offered by Vinumae?
The use of Vinumae’s website implies full acceptance of its terms and conditions, according to which only carriers selected by Vinumae are eligible to deliver auction lots. For its part, Vinumae agrees to charge for delivery, including the insurance fee, in full transparency.
In case of problems with delivery, when and how will I get my money back?
Payments are processed by MangoPay. If an auction is not completed, you will be refunded to the bank account that you used for payment within the deadline specified by MangoPay in its Terms and Conditions (available on their website).
How are my purchases insured?
All bottles are insured at the price specified in the invoice issued by the estate, that is to say, the final sale price. If a bottle gets broken or lost while in transit, you will be refunded the total amount of your purchase, including the service fee, the delivery fee and the price of the lot, and the winemaker will be refunded the sale amount.

Contact & Returns

Can I contact the estate directly to buy more bottles?
The estates are entitled to sell their wines to whom they deem appropriate. However, if you order directly from a estate after purchasing from them on Vinumae’s website, you risk having your Vinumae account suspended.
Can I buy bottles that are not included in the lot?
VINUMAE gives you access to exceptional bottles from renowned estates, but it also enables communication between you and the estates. Use our platform to contact the estate and discuss the terms of the deal.
I bought a lot which does not conform to the description.
If a lot you won does not conform to the description provided in the auction, please contact Vinumae at contact@vinumae.com with the lot number, a photo of the bottle(s) you received and a statement of the reason why you refuse the delivery.
The bottle is corked or has a defect.
VINUMAE is an intermediary platform and cannot be held responsible for the quality of the wines delivered. However, Vinumae will enable communication with the estate if you are not satisfied with the quality of the lot.
The estates are committed to selling wines directly from their cellars in an optimal state of conservation. However, once a bottle leaves the estate, it is no longer under their responsibility. If a bottle is defective, the estates are free to replace it or not, just like when you purchase a wine from a wine store.

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Feel free to contact us directly at contact@vinumae.com


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