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Vinumae Exclusivity

icon_quote Recreating a real link between wine lovers and estates. This is how the idea of ​​Vinumae was born.
The team of Vinumae

How Vinumae Works

  • Registration
  • Sales
  • Fees
  • Delivery

Transparency is our hallmark. We want to ensure you safety by guaranteeing the origin of the bottles you buy. We also want to enable wineries to get to know their end customers. That is why auctions are open to anyone who registers for free on our site. After creating your account and completing your profile, you will be approved as a buyer by our payment platform MangoPay, which establishes your identity and your credit worthiness.

Each lot is sold for a limited period of time, during which anyone registered on VINUMAE may submit the price that they think most appropriate, while respecting the auction rules. At the end of the allotted time, the winemaker chooses the bid that suits him the best and confirms the sale.
VINUMAE is an intermediary platform and can neither interfere nor be held responsible for the cancellation of a sale or the choice of bidders.
Only natural persons can register on VINUMAE so that the estates can sell their wines directly to end customers.

You will be charged a service fee for the use of VINUMAE platform when you purchase a lot. This fee amounts to 18% of the sale price. The shipping costs are also at the buyer’s expense and billed at the lowest price negotiated with our carriers for full transparency. You will see these charges on the auction page, once the bid has been processed and the sale validated. Shipping costs are indicative, as they are calculated based on the delivery address entered on your profile. However, you may choose a different shipping address when completing the purchase.

The auction lots are packed in a suitable protective packaging and shipped directly from the winery to any location in France and abroad by our approved carriers. The wines are fully insured while in transit at the price specified in the invoice. Our partner carriers undertake to deliver the wines by hand to the address of your choice, in full compliance with our quality-of-service commitments.

Who We Are

VINUMAE was born from an idea which, like the vine, took time to root and develop. The desire to recreate a true and authentic link between lovers of beautiful bottles and passionate and talented winemakers.
This website is the fruit of shared knowledge and experience among different actors of the wine world. We have developed this tool to cater to the requests of wine enthusiasts as much as to the current needs of wineries.
We put all our heart and our skills to offer you a new and secure way to access wine gems, often too rare, and whose origin can sometimes be questionable.
Transparency and traceability are our guiding principles. Through this privileged relationship, you will have access to the cellars of the most famous estates, where the bottles will be drawn from their rest to be packed and delivered directly to the address of your choice.

VINUM-AE, the Meaning

The Romans are at the origin of wine in France and we owe them the Latin roots of our language. The Latin word for “wine” is VINUM, whereas AEQUUM means “fair”.
At VINUMAE, we strive for fairness both to consumers and winemakers alike. We want to tap into our roots and live by our values.


No advertising or solicitations. You will simply be informed of upcoming auctions before everyone else.

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